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Crazy Aly

Welcome to my World

6 December
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My name is Aly, or atleast that's what everyone calls me. So you can, too.

I'm a spoiled little brat with an obsession of shopping. But I'm nice. I also like rich boys with Jewfros. Just like my boyfriend. But I like him for more reasons than that.

I love Rachel Bilson, Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, and Tara Reid. Those girls are it. Notice the first three. They need to be given extra credit here. Also Adam Brody. Because that guy knows how to dress, has a Jewfro, is funny, and about a million other reasons.

I like to argue. Even more than that, I like to win. I prefer to call it "debating." My side always wins. I can bullshit just about anyone, my parents and step-parents can vouch for this.

I'm also neurotic about people being clean. Shower people! Once a day atleast, no less than every other day! Eww. Two times a day is good, too. And brush your damn teeth, it takes one minute literally. Also people need to wash their hands. This is why my bathroom is off limits to nearly everyone. Except Kayla. 'Cause we're like sisters.

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Give me hugs. Aly loves hugs. Sometimes Aly hugs strangers. So Aly will now do that on LJ. And maybe Aly should stop talking about her self in third person.